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Digital Universe offers different forms of cooperation for each category of interested parties.

The authors of video content can find a list of available programs, you just need to log in using the channel where the content will be posted on the game ExoTanks and you will see a list of available public collaboration programs that fit the size of your channel audience.

Channels with the number of followers from 10,000 on Youtube and 7,000 for Twitch can be provided with ExoTanks Promo Packages upon request to press@exotanks.com.

The best content can be selected for use in advertising campaigns on various advertising platforms, which will significantly increase the popularity of authors and lead to an increase in subscribers of your channel.

Media agencies and press representatives are advised to contact directly via press@exotanks.com to find out about cooperation opportunities and subscribe to press releases of the game.
For all categories of interested parties, individual conditions for long-term win-win cooperation are available.

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