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Patch Notes
Update 4592

- Fixed Matchmaking issues;
- Fixed a lot of UI bugs;
- New UI and sounds for draft window;
- Improved bots AI;
- Optimized some server-side player packet verifications;
- Some client-side performance improvements;      
Update 4631

- New functionality for adding friends and creating groups (party).
- The number of bots depends on the number of players. Now bots will not interfere with the game if there are a lot of players in the match.
- Added convenient indication of Key Points directly in the combat interface. Now you will know where to go, even without using a minimap.
- Added tooltip for controlling the F1 button in battle. Explore all the features of the tank.
-. Improved matchmaking. Now it’s easier to find a fight.
- Minor bugs and fixes.
Update 4657

- In case of desertion at the selection stage, for all other players, the selection is not canceled.
- Fixed bugs and freezes when leaving the battle.
- Fixed crashes of the game at the time of the battle loading.
- Other minor fixes.

Update 4737

- Fixed excessive texture blur.

- Fixed crash on exit from battle.

- Fixed crash when selecting tanks.

- Added digital signature to files (solves problems with game installation).

- Reduced size of patches at launch through the launcher (but you will have to download all files once again).

Update 4794

- Increased number of sources for downloading the game through the launcher.

- Fixed an error with low download speed for some players.
Update 4803

- Added the ability to use camouflages.

- Other small corrections.

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Update 4838

- Fixed the problem of texture blurring at high graphics settings.

- New features in graphics settings: MSAA Antialiasing (recommended); Streaming Pool Size. New "Cinematic" template for top graphics cards.

- Removed the binding of camera rotation to arrows. You can assign any functions to the arrows, such as tank movement.

- The sights are clearer. Now the aim will be easier.

- New lighting in the hangar.
Update 4877

- Fixed bug when new camouflages were not displayed for other players.

- Reservation of seats at the exit from the battle is disabled. Now, the teams are distributed more evenly.

- More options have been added to customize the graphics.

- Improved lighting.

- Fixed bug with L225 Storm shooting into the sky.

- Fixed a bug with a double-mesh bug of the dead tank.

- Game chat temporarily disabled.

- New shooting and movement sound for Diablo D4 and R570 Cyborg tanks.
Update 5004

- Added Ukrainian and German localization.

- Fixed crash when changing battle phases while capturing a point that is active in a new phase.

- Now, when starting the client, the settings are not reset.

- Now the fight will not start if someone has not confirmed participation.

- The position of the fraction icons on the defeat/victory screen has been corrected.

- Fixed hanging of destroyed deserters' tanks on the list.

- Now the sight of all skills of all tanks disappears on the screen saver of victory/defeat.

- Made corrections to the VFX force fields (barriers) on the team bases.

- Made corrections to the sound of some tanks.

- Waiting time for transition to the Hangar after the victory/loss is reduced to 5 seconds.

- The team counters have been adjusted.

- Turret readings are corrected.

- Now all tank guns are firing through the friendly barrier.

- Adjusted aiming of some tank abilities.

- Now all the mines of different teams explode when they meet.

- Now, if there is a lack of memory during the installation, the launcher does not hang.
Update 5140

- Changed the algorithm for storing the memorized password.
- Fixed device tracing by drones.
- Made changes to the sight operation.
- Fixed the color of "Impulse bomb" Diablo shells.
- Now the game process, not launcher, does not freeze after closing.
- Now the text on the login screen does not overlap other elements.
- Now applying the settings of the launcher does not reset the error line of the disk filling to the "search for update", although there is no update.
- Now the speed is shown in brackets when checking the downloaded files.)
- Added 'Restore' button to the launcher to restart the download-installation process.
- Filtration of HTML codes in the news of the lounge is made.
- Changes have been made in the scaling of the text buttons to make the text visible without going beyond the widget.
- Now the model of the destroyed tank is no longer in the air.
- The collision on the destroyed tank models is disabled.
- Changes have been made to the mini-map.
- Now VFX "Virtualization" disappears from the Saboteur.
- Changes have been made to the Saboteur's shot animation.
- Made changes to the mini-map display.
- Now the sniper mode is activated immediately with maximum approximation.
- Now the button to play become gray until the server response comes.
- Saboteur mines no longer explode elsewhere.
- Optimization of the server matchmaking is made.
- Now, when you change the language, the text of the hangar's ability hints changes immediately.
- Now, if you cancel the mode or map selection on the hangar screen, the "Play" button is no longer turned off until the answer is received.
- When you exit the queue of the tank selection window, the overview control was switched off when you go back to the hangar.
- Now pressing Enter does not cancel the queue in the tank selection window.
- Changes were made to the group input in the tank selection window.
- Changes have been made to the mini-map coordinates.

Update 5238

- Fixed display of the sight during the resurrection.

- Fixed hovering in the air of an exploded tank.

- Fixed bugs in the menu.

- Fixed a bug in the friends window on the Hangar screen.

- Bots are visible in the list of players.

- Improving the capabilities of the ExoTanks platform in the field of statistics and analytics.

- Improving the stability of the ExoTanks platform.

- Fixed display of the "Menu" button on the draft screen.

- Changed the level loading order. Now the loading screen does not block the game and is displayed until the level is fully loaded.

- Added indication of the status of matchmaking servers. If there are no matchmaking servers available, the Play button in the hangar will not be active.

- Added drones.

- Fixed scaling of tank skills icons.

- Added localizations for languages: Simplified Chinese, French, Japanese.

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