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FAQ - common questions
Question: Too long "Installation...".
Answer: Be patient and wait. Do not forcefully terminate the process.

Question:"Connection error" or endless "Update Search".
  • Try restarting the launcher again. If it doesn’t help right away - try again later, we are working on fixing the error.
  • If the problem persists over time, delete the "Saved" folder from the "Game folder\ExoTanksMOBA_Launcher\Engine\Programs\ExoTanksMOBA_La­uncher\" directory.
  • If deleting files doesn't help, download the new installer from the game’s website (see point 2 in the “Install the game” section).
Question: Slow update download speed, up to several KB.
Answer: Wait for 10-20 minutes. If the speed does not recover, try restarting the launcher again. If it doesn't help right away - try again later, we are working on fixing the error

Question: When I install or start the game, I get the following blue message from SmartScreen: "Windows has protected your computer".

Answer: The executors have all signed up. The problem must be solved.

Question: The download speed of the update drops to just a few kilobytes per byte. How do I fix it?

Answer: Restart the launcher. If it doesn't help, wait, or try again later.

Question: Authorization error when starting trial-version. How to fix it?


  • Restart the game. If it didn't help - wait, or try again later.
  • The account must be new for the trial version. The trial starts from the moment of registration on the site.

Question: Why did the tank stop shooting, but still drives?

Answer: This indicates that the server has collapsed. Close the game. Try to enter a new fight.

Question: How do you understand who invites you to join the group and when is it ready or not?

Answer: We are working on improving this functionality.

Question: Why isn't the list of added friends displayed if you don't enter their nicknames?

Answer: To add another player to your friendships, send him an invitation (a green plus in the friend's window). If the invited player confirms the invitation, it will appear in your friend list.

Question: I have a tank stuck in my textures.

Answer: We are working on fixing such errors. For now, you can use the Jack function (the "J" key, by default).

Question: The game does not start at all. It hasn't been launched after downloading at all. Crash window.


Pack-file is not added, only 2 reasons for this:

1. There was not enough memory.

2. cut off during the installation.

An update will not solve the problem, you need to download again.

Question: Why do I not get my chosen tank? I do not understand how to choose a tank.

Answer: You can select the tank after the fight is found. In the hangar, you have the opportunity to consider the tanks, but not to choose.

Question: Will the game be released on Linux?

Answer: If we get to the Linux community, we will release it, of course.

Question: When will there be an update with lower graphics settings?

Answer: We are not working in this direction yet. We promised to specify the real minimum requirements on the game website and publishers. You can't lower the settings at this stage.

Question: Why when downloading the game via game site, the package of files is three times "easier" than when downloading from the site of the game?

Answer: We are working on it.

Question: Why does the game take a long time to turn off?

Answer: There is such a problem, it closes the network subsystem. In work.

Question: When you switch from WASD to arrows, the control stops working.

Answer: We will fix it soon.

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