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Attention! A unique offer for our first Mars colonizers.

Only two days before 14-00 (UTC +3) on the 5th of September, when you buy a Starting Package you will get TWO exclusive SECRET camouflage for the D4 Diablo and FS-189 Saboteur tanks.

On September 5, 14-01 (UTC +3), we will remove the Starter Package from the sale Forever.

And you will miss the chance to be in the closed club of our first Mars colonizers.

Hurry up! Two secret camouflages for Diablo and Saboteur will be the hallmark of the most valuable players and members of the ExoTanks MOBA gaming community.

Camouflages designed for early access players, they will not be available to buy!

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Become a part of the history of ExoTanks MOBA.

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