The interaction of different classes - the key to victory!


Each MOBA game has various character classes that are better suited for certain roles in battle. Despite our game having tanks instead of characters, classes and roles are still present.

Defenders are heavy armored combat vehicles with no, particularly powerful weapons. They are slow, have great durability, and they are not easy to destroy! Their abilities are aimed at self-defense, as well as defending their allies. Well suited for defending occupied positions.

Assault class tanks are designed to attack and inflict a large amount of damage. They have either powerful weapons or strong attacking abilities. High speed and maneuverability allow them to catch up with an enemy, vanish into thin air, or outflank the enemy. The downside of such tanks is often their low durability and thin armor. Yes, they are easy to destroy if you succeed in catching them! Assault tanks take on the role of leaders in destroying enemy tanks at the front line. They are also great at taking in the rear at the speed of light.

Engineer tanks are the most balanced class. These tanks usually have average damage and durability. Engineer tanks are distinguished by their multifunctional abilities, which are aimed at supporting their team and sabotaging enemies. These combat vehicles play many roles: helping and reinforcing allies, timely repair of other tanks in battle, as well as controlling and weakening enemy vehicles. Tanks of this class make an invaluable contribution to your victory!