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- Fixing bugs in the friends system;

- Fixing shooting bugs and skills;

- Bug fixes with force barriers on player bases;

- Fixed a number of bugs that caused not all players to see the Battle results window;

- Fixed tank physics;

- Fixed bugs in the network part of the game;

- Improved stability of the server part of the ExoTanks platform;

- Updated visual effects of drones;

- Changes in game scenarios, now there will be a real massacre for the Key Points;

- New players will no longer be able to connect to the battle if it's already over 5 minutes. They will only be able to join the new battle;

- Drone modifications: Drone spawned on the 5th minute of the game, drone respawn on the 3rd minute, increased HP to 1200, increased experience for killing drone (there were 450 drones now 600), key point capture speed increased 4 times (equivalent of 4 tanks on the key point earlier), notifications about allied and enemy drones appearing/death/spawn.

- The game's final user interface has begun to be implemented;
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