What are our tanks about?


We consider them to be a creation of the engineering mind of people of the future. These tanks are a technology that can withstand extreme temperatures and operate in the conditions of Mars. The creation process starts with a key idea: for example, will it be a flamethrower tank, or maybe an invisible tank? Next, we define the tank's class and its role in the battle, whether it will deal damage, or capture control points, or repair, or support, etc. After that, we design the tank's abilities and the way they will play against the abilities of other tanks (counter pick). Then we determine the type of chassis, the type of weapon, and the tank's characteristics. Next, we make a concept of the tank and model it. All the tank's abilities and mechanics are implemented as a draft version to test the idea. If all goes well, the tank is sent to the final stage of development, if not, the tank is refined until it becomes interesting to play. The idea of the L225 Storm tank is a rocket launcher with auto-aiming and long reloading. Gameplay - shot and left!