ExoTanks Logo

The tank shooter game in the vastness of Mars


Choose your tank

on the battlefield of the future!

Control one of the futuristic tanks, each with its own character and play style.
Master the most powerful combat vehicles with unique abilities and appearance.
The future has come. Are you ready for battle?

Upgrade Right in the Battle

Upgrade and become more powerful right in the battle.
Combine equipment and create your killer-machine
conveying your combative mood and steel character.

Fight to possess all

the resources of the red planet

Feel the atmosphere of colonized Mars, torn by the war of corporations.
Who will win this epic battle: the Syndicate or the Confederation?
You decide.

Defender, Assault, or Engineer -

what are you today?

Choose the class of tank that suits you and rush forward to illuminate the enemy, defend the control points,
or help your team mates. The unique features and abilities of each class can turn the battle match around!
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