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26.03.2020 Update 
Recently, some players have experienced problems with authorization and some actions in the game. This update fixes some problems with the network part of the game. Now there is nothing stopping you from exploding a couple of enemies in the evening.
Update 6252
05.03.2020 Another  for you
The list of store on which you can play ExoTanks has been expanded with another...
Another store for you
24.02.2020 Update 
In this update we have improved the optimization and fixed a huge number of bugs.
Update 6003
24.01.2020 Update 
Fixed critical bugs in the network platform of the game.
Update 5777
21.01.2020 Update 
Today from 15-00 Moscow time the game servers will be updated to version 5748.
The approximate work will last 4 hours.
Update 5748
06.09.2019 ExoTanks  Premium pack
Join the battle with Premium MOBA ExoTanks.

When you purchase the ExoTanks MOBA Premium pack, you will receive:

- Early access to the game,
- Five killer-machines of the future:
- Two PREMIUM camouflages for the D4 Diablo and FS-189 Saboteur tanks.

New camouflage will highlight you and your unique style of play against other similar looking tanks.

Make the premium camouflage your calling card....
ExoTanks MOBA Premium pack
06.09.2019 ExoTanks  ExoTanks MOBA with 70% discount!
Only two weeks ExoTanks MOBA with 70% discount!

It's time to buy ExoTanks MOBA. Because today the two-week sale starts.

Only 14 days, from 6 to 20 September, you can buy ExoTanks Basic Pack with 70% discount.

Hurry up! Tell your friends. Your teammates have been waiting for you on the battlefield for too long.

See you on Mars!
 ExoTanks MOBA with 70% discount!
03.09.2019 Attention!  A unique offer.
Attention! A unique offer for our first Mars colonizers.

Only two days before 14-00 (UTC +3) on the 5th of September, when you buy a Starting Package you will get TWO exclusive SECRET camouflage for the D4 Diablo and FS-189 Saboteur tanks.

On September 5, 14-01 (UTC +3), we will remove the Starter Package from the sale Forever.

And you will miss the chance to be in the ...
Attention! A unique offer.
30.08.2019 Assets 
Level designers needed large shapes to divide the location into different zones. At the same time, we want Mars to look colonized, not lifeless! Therefore, large buildings, kill two birds with one stone.

In our first location, other large buildings reflect the purpose of the existence of the colony (mining of ares) and make the location more interesting. The processing plant was created ...
27.08.2019 The  iteration of the prototype of the location
The third iteration of the prototype of the location has become optimal in terms of the balance of open and closed space. We decided to divide the location into several separate zones of different sizes. Between the zones there is a limited number of entrances, and hence how the player can move from zone to zone. The arrangement of small shelters was thought out more carefully. It was possible to ...
The third iteration of the prototype of the location
26.08.2019 The  iteration of the prototype of the location
The second iteration of the prototype of the location was, on the contrary, too open. The map was shot through and was more like a circular arena with dotted obstacles. It was great to ride it, but there was no tactic. The enemy could appear from anywhere and understand the logic of his movement was not real.

This is the second iteration of the prototype of the location.
The second iteration of the prototype of the location
23.08.2019 Prototyping 
Initially, we wanted to make a classic MOBA location divided into 3 lines. This proved to be a daunting task. 

Firstly, the tank has no limit to the radius of the shot, which means that the lines and the space between them should not, under any circumstances be shooting between themselves. Therefore, the first prototype of the location was a large maze with high walls. 

21.08.2019 Location 
The concept of our first location is an industrial colony in the middle of a lifeless Martian wasteland surrounded by mountains. The purpose of the colony’s existence in the past was the extraction and export of ares to other parts of Mars. A few years ago, the Confederation suspended the activities of Colony 57 within the framework of the agreement on the regulation of ares extraction. The Syndicate...
21.08.2019 Game 
ExoTanks MOBA is a colorful journey to the second half of the 21st century when space travel to Mars becomes commonplace. With the support of private and state-owned corporations, the development of the red planet is rapidly advancing: people start mining in the area with mineral-rich deposits, while many colonies and entire megacities spring up all around it. A terraforming program is launched in...
Game world
20.08.2019 Armor 
Mixing the Tank Shooter and MOBA genres, we want to find the optimal combination of dynamic action and thoughtful tactics. The Sector-Divided Armor mechanics is a good example of this balance.

Each tank has 3 sectors of armor: frontal, side, and rear armor. Getting physical damage in different sectors, the armor reduces it with different effects, depending on the armor's thickness. The armor doesn't...
19.08.2019 Armament 
We understand how important it is to diversify the types of weapons and shooting when it comes to developing a MOBA-Shooter. Let’s add a bit of Sci-Fi and futuristic technology, and we’ll get the following set of tank guns: Lasers, Rocket Launchers, Flamethrowers, Machine Guns, Single-shot Guns, Grenade Launchers, and Plasma Weapons.

 In addition to its appearance, effects, and sound, each...
16.08.2019 The  of different classes - the key to victory!
Each MOBA game has various character classes that are better suited for certain roles in battle. Despite our game having tanks instead of characters, classes and roles are still present.

Defenders are heavy armored combat vehicles with no, particularly powerful weapons. They are slow, have great durability, and they are not easy to destroy! Their abilities are aimed at self-defense, as well as...
The interaction of different classes - the key to victory!
15.08.2019 What  our tanks about?
We consider them to be a creation of the engineering mind of people of the future. These tanks are a technology that can withstand extreme temperatures and operate in the conditions of Mars. The creation process starts with a key idea: for example, will it be a flamethrower tank, or maybe an invisible tank? Next, we define the tank's class and its role in the battle, whether it will deal damage,...
What are our tanks about?
14.08.2019 The  characters here - the most powerful combat vehicles.
We are ready to share with you the experience of creating unique tanks, each with its character and style of play, for our MOBA-shooter! ExoTanks MOBA - team action about the tanks of the future. The main characters here - the most powerful combat vehicles. As it should be in the games of the MOBA genre, our tanks are unique, have a “character”, weaknesses and strengths, differ in different classes,...
The main characters here - the most powerful combat vehicles.
13.08.2019 Design 
Making our MOBA game, we strongly believe that the combat vehicles of the future should differ not only in their abilities but also in appearance! Each tank has its unique design that can be customized. We’ll give you much more options than the same swamp-color paint for all tanks. We’re designing unique camouflages for you, that will allow you to show off on the battlefield, and will make your ta...
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