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ExoTanks is a colorful journey to the second half of the 21st century when space travel to Mars becomes commonplace. With the support of private and state-owned corporations, the development of the red planet is rapidly advancing: people start mining in the area with mineral-rich deposits, while many colonies and entire megacities spring up all around it. A terraforming program is launched in special zones to create an autonomous ecosystem suitable for human life. Mars is supposed to be our second home.

Ares, a new mineral discovered in Martian rocks, changes everything. This substance turns out to be an extremely efficient fuel and foreshadows the energy revolution for the entire human civilization. Some colonies unite into the Confederation, entering into agreements on the regulation of the Ares extraction. However, not all companies desire to compromise. One of the most influential organizations, the Syndicate, seizes control of the Ares deposits and trades it on the black market. The opposition of the factions grows. A crisis ensues, which then escalates into an open armed conflict. The war for resources sweeps Mars.
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