Update 6252


Recently, some players have experienced problems with authorization and some actions in the game. This update fixes some problems with the network part of the game. Now there is nothing stopping you from exploding a couple of enemies in the evening.

- Fixed the functionality of friends and groups;
- Fixed bug inviting to a filled group;
- Fixed display of friends list;
- Fixed an error that sometimes appeared when closing a client;
- Fixed display of strength recovery on an F20 Guardian tank with resuscitation equipment;
- Fixed camouflage loss after leaving invisibility on FS189 Saboteur;
- Fixed display of level up window;
- Fixed draft problems if a part of players do not confirm their readiness for a match;
- Fixed lounge hangs;
- Fixed visual display of key point capture;
- Fixed bug with transition to another region and player profile hangs;
- Fixed bug with game currency display;
- On the statistics screen, you can now add to your friends;
- Fixed overlay mode for different versions of the game;
- Fixed a number of fixes for the game server part.

A lot has been done, more to come, but we're going to fight against the bugs!